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The last 10 visitors to this page were:

1. AlexOzzyCake+
2. Cirno
3. Cosmotone8+
4. FlameJuli
5. Hayley+
6. Hikari10+
7. Limanya
8. Livewire+
9. Loner_grunger
10. Mockingjay

1. I have no clue who this person is, nor do I care ;p
2. I was awarding them an emblem, though I needed some information to be sure, though that was some time ago. Hmm...
3. They used to frequent PoC, though they seem to be returning :D
4. A friend.
6. Why hello there, Hikari. What brings you to my humble profile?
7. A friend of a friend it seems, though the reason for the profile visit, I do not know.
8. Hi Live o/ (that smiley is terrible on forums :<)
9. A new member in my section. :DDDDD They also sent me a VM :>
10. I visited their profile, so maybe they were curious? :D
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