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Update #6

Buzzy // Electrode

Level; 85
Iron Tail

-Arrived in Vermillion city.
-Defeated Lt. Surge.

-Went to Cerulean and obtained Generator from Rocket grunt.
-Returned it to Power Plant.
-Found and defeated Misty (no screenie).
-Went to Pewter city and eased past Brock.

-Flew to Cealdon and defeated Ericka.

-Made way to Fuschia and beat Jasmine (no screenie).
-Flew to Saffron and took down Sabrina.

-Surfed to Cinnabar, found Blue who informed me the Gym burned down.
-Found Blaine in a nearby cave and easily defeated him.

-Flew to Viridian and battled Blue.
-His Rhydon was a pest.

-Grinded before getting access to Mt. Silver from Professor Oak.
-Made way to peak of Mt. Silver where I seen Red.

-We had an epic battle, where we barely defeated him.

-The Johto leg of my Ultimate Solo has ended!

Expect me to begin my Hoenn journey soon!
-under construction
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