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Thorsten the Powerful - Jerall View Inn, Bruma

Thorsten and his guard squad entered the Inn, which was crafted with nordic architecture, which brought the memories of Skyrim back to him. Although he had been out of Skyrim for a few hours, he had already missed his homeland. Although Bruma was heavily influenced by Skyrim, to Thorsten it was not quite the same. Thorsten walked up to the bar, and took a seat on one of the stools. The bartender, who was also a Nord, walked up towards Thorsten.

"So, what'll it be," the bartender asked.

" A goblet of Colovian Brandy," Thorsten answered.

" Sure thing, twenty-five septims," the bartender informed, pouring a goblet for Thorsten.

Thorsten dropped twenty-five septims on the counter, and received his Colovian Brandy. Colovian Brandy was one of the few things he liked about Cyrodiil, slowly sipping the Brandy as he watched over the inn, checking for Imperials.

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