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    I found a bug when I was going to the Battle Tower in Olivine City, yes I beat the Elite 4, but once I entered there and accepted the challenge, the lady took me to the room where I am supposed to battle, and it froze there. And when am I supposed to return to Kanto, because I went to Kanto and returned to Johto, and it's been hours since I returned to Johto and the Sailor won't let me go, he says

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    Hey, guys, awesome hack, but I'm stuck on the Ruins of Alph. Morty and Eusine told me to go to the Ruins of Alph to find the Clear Bell, and in a lot of LPs of the game, I've seen people who go into the Omanyte puzzle room be taken to
    this place where you go to the past, or something like that,
    but all it's taken me to is the regular Omanyte puzzle. I've completed that puzzle, along with the Aerodactyl and Kabuto ones (whenever I try to do the Ho-Oh one, it tells me it's already been done), and nothing has happened. What am I supposed to do?
    Go to Union Cave, then go to where you found that Baby Doll, then surf north to where the Hiker is. There is 2 different paths, go to the one where it requires you to use Strength, then go to a path behind that other one(with the steel stairs), then go to that grayish spot where "Ho-Oh" tells you to go to the past. Hope this is easy to understand.
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