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I almost always take the good path in anything. u_u My conscience usually gets mad at me if I pick bad answers when I'm not specifically going for a bad playthrough.

I find that the dialogue is often written so awkwardly for moral choices games because it's too hard to write them with realistic choices. So while I'm a very sarcastic person IRL, I'm also very polite--especially to people I don't know. Thus, the only options that ever "make sense" to me in context are the nice/polite options. All the other ones are always either cruel or rude and I always feel like it just wouldn't make any sense to say them. The only game I've played that even came close to subverting this was Dragon Age II and that's only because I felt comfortable using the joking lines more often than not and they were a better middle ground than most sarcastic dialogue.

As such, I tend to prefer linear games like JRPGs where the characters and their decisions are almost entirely decided for me beforehand so I just have to help the story unfold instead of drive it along. :/ The dialogue always sounds a lot more realistic because it's fully scripted and doesn't have to take previous branches into account. (Not that most games DO take previous dialogue choices into account unless you made a decision in them--it takes me out of the game horribly to be super rude to someone all the way through a conversation and then when I agree to do their quest politely, they act as if I wasn't a total dick to them. Really? Yeah, I accepted your quest but you shouldn't be gushing all over me about how thankful you are because I'm still obviously an *******.)