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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia smiled as the bolt of energy hit the Buizel and knocked here out-wait. The Buizel actually managed to get back up and even sprayed Samuel with a water gun. Since he had already used Protect Samuel took the hit and grunted from the increased power of it. Samuel chuckled as he looked at Aber, "Well done little Buizel." He said as she was drawn back into her pokeball. Lucia looked on, eager to see which pokemon George would send out next when she heard Danielle on the sidelines, "YAY LUCIA! YOU GO GURL.” Lucia smiled and nodded to her friend as she turned back to George. The storm was still in full swing, although it looked like it was getting close to clearing up. She would have to get Samuel to perform at least one last Thunder before the effects of the Rain Dance cleared up and Thunder would lose its perfect accuracy.

    Sameul looked at George and wondered if his next pokemon would put up as decent a fight as Aber had. He could only hope. Lucia cupped her hands and shouted to Geroge over the storm, "I see you too have had training with professionals! We'll just have to see with battle system works best then!" Lucia was drenched with water, but she wasn't cold at all. Her passion for battling had fired her up! She was so into the battle that she didn't notice the woman with the Bayleef that also came to watch the battle.
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