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Lucy - Wrecked Building
Lucy stood her ground, staring down the other female, whom took on the features of an umbreon. She seemed to be very pleased with the powers she had just... stolen? Was that the right way to say it? Lucy decided she didn't care. Kit apparently spoke her intentions out loud to her pokespirit and Lucy was tempted to make a condescending remark on it, and probably would've if she hadn't been being attacked. Sumonning her strength Lucy braced herself for a fight... only for it to be interrupted by the short girl she'd been talking to moments ago. Lucy nearly jumped, startled by the outburst. Not only that but the girl proceeded to literally attack Kit in her defense! The punch she threw didn't particularly look like it had hit, but the wound it caused was quite visible. Lucy sort of assumed her eyes had played a minor trick on her and that the punch had actually connected. What did she know? She was confused enough as it was. I mean sure she hadn't attacked the strange girl... but Lucy would've never thought that warranted Amy risking her life on her behalf. The only reason Lucy hadn't attacked or anything was because she really had nothing to gain from such an action! Or at least that's what she told herself. She didn't know how to feel about what had gone on earlier. Did she /like/ this girl? She supposed she did, which felt weird to her somehow. Perhaps it was because girls tended to resort to their natural instinct to compete with eachother in this primitive age... though such an explanation sounded a bit less refined in Lucy's actual thoughts. Sue had no idea if boys were the same way, or even remotely similar. Given Lucy had no idea how boys worked. Magic all up in this fallout It wasn't like she had Arby to school.


That being said Lucy just sort of stood there looking tense and awkward, as well as confused and a bit disorientated.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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