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Rosalyn Smith

Rosalyn smiled seeing the Horsea send another DragonBreath at Belle at the same time the Togekiss released the white beam from Solar beam. As the attacks got closer Rosalyn's eyes widened and she right away covered her eyes calling over to Jimmy. "Cover your eyes!" as the green and white beams collided causing a boom sound and a bright light that was a mix of green and white.

When the light faded and she could look again Rosalyn saw both the Horsea and Belle unsteady and weak. Grabbing a Pokéball from her belt she threw it at the Horsea watching the red light take the Pokémon in and the ball shake for a few seconds and then click. Belle retrieved the Pokéball for her and Rosalyn smiled taking the ball and then returning Belle. "I'm gonna call you Melody" she said to herself before putting both Pokéball's into her pocket and going back over to Jimmy.

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