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    Zora looked as she stopped twirling the Pokeball on her fingers and watched as she moved it into her own hand. She was startled when she made a pokemon appear out of it. She wasn't startled about the fact that she had a pokemon. It was the Pokemon that she had that startled her. When it was fully out of the pokeball she knew exactly what it was. It was a Rhyperior also known as the evolved form of Rhydon. Arcadia had told the Rhyperior to use a Rock Wrecker attack and to aim into the distance. She covered her ears when she heard the sound of stone grinding but the sound was only a few seconds long. She saw the Rhyperior throw the rock into the distance like it was told to do but Zora didn't notice anything happen. She stared into the distance that the rock had been thrown in for a few seconds but still didn't notice anything significant happen. She abruptly sighed.

    " So whats the evidence " Zora had asked being clueless like always. A puzzled look came across her face while she awaited her answer.
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