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    Originally Posted by Kenmoor View Post
    True and don't forget that only 2 years passed. It's enough for a change in the region, characters, etc. but for a death? Ghetsis must've had some random stroke. Just how old was he anyways? Plus the Shadow Triad. What would happen to them once Ghetsis died? Well... the Shadow Triad did have specific orders not to contact their master... so...? They didn't know? As if. They probably stalked Ghetsis unless he himself died in some random woods then I doubt it if the Shadow Traid didn't know about his death.
    Anyways, it seems to me that Ghetsis should have some random shocker secret and he should have this grand entrance just like in BW (well not the entrance but if they manage to pull that off...)
    I don't particualy think he died, but went off to think of another plan, its possible he knew about Black/White Kuyrem all this time, which is why he didn't consider it a big deal when the player caught a dragon, he could still get Kuyrem

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