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Kilik Chambers - Outside Pokemon Center

Ozzy had said hi to Tentou, but Mienfoo was only watching the battle. Must be quiet. Not Tentou! Right now he was watching the battle in excitement before walking back to Kilik.

Buizel was taken out, but not before launching a Water Gun at Samuel. If it hadn't been for the rain, it wouldn't do much. Danielle cheered for Lucia & started dancing funny. Kilik just stared at her with an eyebrow raised up. She's a little weird. Kilik's attention went back to Jack who was now answering. "It's only a challenge if you think you can handle it" So he was challenging him. Exactly, how strong is he?

"So Kilik doesn't watching this fight get you a little excited?" Lucia's battle with the boy only started a while ago, but it was already getting into Kilik's head. Mistress was still asleep obviously, & Pierce has had a busy day already.

"All right, I accept your challenge!" Kilik announces. He had to put out the battle grounds first. "It'll be a 2-on-2 single battle since two of my Pokemon still need rest. Or do you want it to be a double battle?" This would be pretty cool. Kilik was gonna battle a Suicune student, & he was challenged by a Suicune student. Not to mention he's going to battle the creator of this incredible RP! Lucky enough Kilik was friends with someone from the Entei dorm, like Ruby. Hopefully, definitely, they could resume their battle.

"Hey Danielle. Me & Jack are gonna have a battle, so root me on." Kilik said expressionless, but giving a thumbs up. He looked at Jack & gave a smirk. "You're about to find out how strong we Entei people are."

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