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    George Edmunds

    George continued to think of his next move. Damn which should he send out! Uhuru the Bagon would be great against the thunder attack but he was wary of using him because of Lucia’s confidence. She knew all to well that A) he had a Bagon and B) To send out Uhuru would be the most sensible move in the current situation. Perhaps these reasons were all he needed to throw a wild card onto the table and send out Kane the Growlithe. The rain would not last much longer and Kane would not be as susceptible to thunder as Aber was.

    Lucia shouted across at him something about training with professionals. George could not hear it clearly over the rain. He himself had not had the luxury of such training. His techniques had developed from the influence of both his researcher parents and the requirement of silence when studying and battling truly wild pokemon during extended research trips.

    He decided on Kane. A move that most trainers would not expect and may prove to be his downfall. At the same time it could also be the move that wins this battle. George was interested to see if Lucia let on any surprise of if she was as professional as she claimed to be. With her absol already weary it should be a win in the next round.

    "That was a good fight! I'm impressed with your style and discipline! Hopefully this next one won’t be so easy!" He called over the rain as he gestured for Kane to go forward. The Growlithe's hackles were raised and teeth bared as it prepared to fight. George was aware he should stay away from fire type moves while it rained. He clicked and the Growlithe leapt behind the absol. He flashed 5 fingers up and then 4 fingers in quick succession. Kane began to attack with return but while charging towards its opponent a red aura began to form around itself. It seemed the small growlithe was both attacking and preparing to protect itself simultaneously. George had spent a while perfecting this strategy. It was useful in situations where a strong defence was required at a moment’s notice. With the threat of thunder at any moment this was exactly the time to use such a strategy. It was time to show how fiercely loyal Kane was. It was time to show how powerful its Return Attack could be.
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