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    Jack Jacobs
    Outside Pokemon Center
    vs Kilik

    Jack stepped away a good distance from Kilik building the battlefield atmosphere between the two boys. "I got no problem with a double battle" Jack threw two pokeballs into the air releasing unto the field Grip, the pinsir, and Herb, the pansage. Jack had not participated in a lot of double battles but knew enough about his pokemon to put up a great fight. Jack only knew two of the pokemon Kilik had, the dewott he spotted in the power plant and the shinx running around him, question is does he have any other pokemon up his sleeve?

    Hearing Kilik comment about showing what Entei people kind of disappointed Jack a little, he was a former Entei dorm student himself so the fact that Kilik made that comment reminded Jack of himself, reminded him of how he hated snotty Suicune dorm students and was almost disgusted when he had to be put into that dorm upon his return. Jack knew differently though not all the members in the dorm were snotty and thought of themselves better than everyone.

    "Ok Kilik your turn, who you sending out?" Jack was eager to battle now, wanting to win, wanting to allow his pokemon a chance to get some experience and more than anything wanting to just beat Kilik hoping to chance his perception of Suicune trainers.
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