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Danielle Accola - Outside Pokemon Center

As the debating continues for the boy battling Lucia, Danielle was overhearing the conversation between Kilik and Jack. She turned over and started to take a listen.

"It's only a challenge if you think you can handle it" Jack said with a small smirk.

"All right, I accept your challenge!" Kilik replied. Apparently both Jack and Kilik are willing to battle as well. This was getting insane for Danielle. She just introduced Kilik to Jack and now they're going to battle. She didn't want them to start that way, but alas...that's how trainers are. They'll probably be friends in the end anyways, reminding herself of how she met Lucia. Kilik then turned to Danielle with an expressionless face. It seemed like Kilik was a bit nervous having to battle Jack. "Hey Danielle. Me & Jack are gonna have a battle, so root me on."

“Um... guys, Lucia's still battling. Don't you think you two should... wait?” Danielle asked them, but she was too late. Both Kilik and Jack moved away from the battlefield where Lucia and the boy are currently at. Danielle was stuck in the middle of two battles, and she was forced to cheer for them both. She then felt a bit overwhemed, and a bit left out. Not only she doesn't know who to actually cheer for, but she wanted to battle with someone as well. There was nothing much to do but to sit out and watch both battles.

“Come guys,” she told Mienfoo and Ozzy, “Let's sit down over there.”

The bench next to the Pokemon Center entrance had a clear view of both battles. She, Mienfoo, and Ozzy didn't want to get hurt by both, so sitting out was the best she could do. Maybe it would be a perfect time to train Ozzy. But he still needs to get used to Mienfoo, so character building is more important. Danielle came up to the right side of the bench, and sat there. On the left side, there was a young lady with green hair and a black shirt sitting next to her. There was also a sitting Bayleef next to the lady as well. Mienfoo and Ozzy sat on the floor next to Danielle, where they all watched the battle from the bench.

“Growwwwwwllll.” The boy battling Lucia released another Pokemon, a Growlithe. Pretty good choice, in Danielle's opinion. Samuel would definitely defeat this one as well. In Kilik and Jack's side of the battlefield, Jack released Herb, his Pansage, and a Pinsir. Who knows what Pokemon Kilik would release. One thing is his adorable Shinx...what would be his next?

“What Pokemon would Kilik use? I hope his Shinx.” Danielle told Mienfoo and Ozzy.

“Pachi Pachii!” Ozzy replied.

“Mienfooo.” Mienfoo calmly replied.

“Yeah, I think it's best if we find out.” Danielle concluded, then glanced at both battlefields.

Megan Sandoval - Outside Pokemon Center

“Baaaaaaayyy!” Mimi was awed at the battle going on between a boy and a blonde haired girl. She was ecstatic at the battle going on nearby. The Buizel had fainted, and was returned to his Pokeball. Megan was happy to see Mimi excited to watch a battle for the very first time.

“What are you saying, Mimi? You want to battle too?” she asked Mimi.

“Bayyyy...” Mimi wanted to think about it for a minute, then she smiled. “Bayleeee!”

“Alrighty then...maybe later on after the battles, and after we check Avan, we can have a little battle between either Leah or Bree. Is that alright?”

The conversation went silent as a long-haired brunette girl with her two Pokemon, a Mienfoo and a Pachirisu headed towards the bench and sat right next to her. The Mienfoo and the Pachirisu sat on the ground next to the girl trainer. Megan noticed the girl from the crowded audience watching the same battle as her. The two other trainers drifted off somewhere. Megan scanned around the area and found the two boy trainers organizing a battle as well. Maybe she wanted to watch the battle from here so she wouldn't get hurt? She wasn't as excited as she was with the boys...cheering for the blonde girl trainer. Now she might have to cheer for three trainers battling.

Mimi wasn't quiet enough when she saw the Mienfoo and the Pachirisu. She nicely came up to them and sat next to the Mienfoo. “Bayyy?” She greeted.

Megan smiled, and she turned to the girl next to her. “I think my Bayleef wants to be friends with your Mienfoo. So sweet of her.”

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