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Daniel Sabrak
Oak Town

”I-I can understand all Pokémon…” the girl named Ruby said, looking to the ground, as if she was embarrassed. Daniel had no clue why she would be embarrassed by something like that. He had only ever heard of –very- few people who were able to truly understand Pokémon.

As Alexis and the dog Pokémon talked, Ruby translated, which just made Daniel’s eyes widen further, though as she translated what Alexis had said, his cheeks darkened a little, glancing down at her, more to look away from Ruby as he mumbled out quietly

“H-hey, Alexis, don’t embarrass me like that…”

He shook his head a little, looking up at Ruby again with sheepish smile and still faintly coloured cheeks. “So, uhm… you need to go relax somewhere? I could use a bit of a break as well. A lot’s happened today. So, uh…”

Turning his head, he glanced up and down the street, a couple of kids seemed to be having a battle a little further up the street. He paused for a moment before shrugging a little, looking back to Ruby.

“I’m… actually not that well-versed with the town or the island or anything. I just arrived yesterday, so, uh… if you want, Alexis and I could come along and relax with you? Not saying we’d have to, just… you know, if you’d want us to!”

Alexis tilted her head a little to the side, glancing up at Ruby, before looking to Hikari again, seemingly unphased by Daniel’s remark to her. “Your trainer can understand us? That’s really cool! Where are you two from? Daniel and I are from Vermillion, in Kanto.”
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