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    Maxwell Leggingsteele
    Oak Town

    Maxwell looked at Genevieve as she assumed a worried expression. He didn't like to see her like this, but he didn't really know what he could do to cheer her up. He watched as Sapphire came out of her Pokéball, looking serious as usual.

    "Hello Sapphire!" Maxwell said to the Simipour. At the mention of Sapphire's name, Maxwell felt the bulge on his back move about. He smiled a bit as Slackey popped out his head from the green hoodie and looked at Sapphire.

    [Oh hello there Sapphire!] he said happily.

    Battles. Battles everywhere. Maxwell looked around the place where they had arrived in Oak Town. It seemed like everyone was battling someone else! There was a white thing with a blade on its head against one of those water-weasels that Brian had. There was a small blue thingy with yellow eyes. There was a squirrel-like blue and white Pokémon along with many others. This was just too awesome for Maxwell, a bunch of battles in the same place? Hellz yeah! However, this was not the time for that. He had to heal up his Pokémon and then find Brian a birthday present!

    Maxwell made his way towards the PokéCenter, spotting more and more Pokémon that he didn't recognize. Well, he saw a Raichu, but that was about it.

    Wilson the Swinub
    With Brian's Pokémon

    Wilson had expected a mountain of cupcakes to be waiting for him, not an agitated Eevee. As Sprinkles and Thyme jumped out of the way, Wilson just kept going and eventually crashed. The Swinub quickly found himself on his back and without cupcakes. If he could facepalm, he would've done it. See? This is what happens when you let your stomach do the thinking for you!

    He listened at Sprinkles declaration of battle and then to Duster's stinging remark. Ouch. That had to hurt. Wilson flipped himself over onto his legs and looked at Sprinkles,

    [Even if Miss Duster's words are a bit hurtful and maybe not the best to utter right now,] he glanced over at the Minccino for a moment, [They still have a grain of truth in them. You won't gain strenght or recognition by recklessly challenging everyone who happens to insult or disagree with you. You gain strength by training. And bragging about how strong or powerful you are will get you nowhere. People will just get fed up with you and eventually, they will ignore you. Then, when that happens, you have achieved the complete opposite of what you sought for.] Wilson ended his short speech with a huff, he was just so hungry...
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