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    Rama and Ciel

    Should he have been offended the other boy ignored him? Meh, oh well, Quillie had probably crashed into a bunch of walls and was about as coherent as molasses. He trotted after Bri and held back a snort at the boy's fear. "What's got your boxers in a bunch?" he commented lazily. "I told you the Psycho kid's nearby. Thought you and he were friends." He padded ahead of Bri to stop abruptly and sit on his haunches, waving his tail at Ciel. The older boy peeked out at Bri and smiled shyly.

    "Hi Bri..." he repeated, slightly louder this time. Brie saw the boy and began to growl softly, prepared to bark. Ciel instantly rested his hand on the young Absol's head. "It's okay Brie," he whispered. "IT's all right, he's okay..." Maybe it was humans then, except for N. But Ciel understood that, Pokemon were likely meant to feel safe around N. And Ciel himself it seemed...

    Brie was not deterred, growling and attempting to break free of Ciel's grip and snapping at the air. Rama sighed and hopped to rest on Ciel's arm. The boy nearly toppled over and Zorua gave him a small apologetic look (The world must be ending!). He locked eyes with the young Absol. "Kid, down," he stated firmly. To Ciel's surprise his Pokemon stopped, glaring at the small fox with all the force his tiny body possessed. For a moment the Pokemon stayed like that until slowly the Absol averted his gaze.

    "There," Rama sighed, tension easing out of his muscles. "You see that kid? You get it. I'm higher than you so you obey. Got it?" Reluctantly the creature nodded. "Good. Now listen to me. The guy holding you, he's God. Obey him." Brie huffed. He knew that. "Making that clear. Now his friends.... they're kind of like God. Close enough anyway. You listen to them. If the guy holding you says they're okay, they're okay and leave them alone. Got that?" A nod. "The kid I'm currently watching have mini panic attacks? He's not God. But you still treat him right." Brie glared at him. He wasn't an idiot. "My trainer, when he gets here, he's my God. Hurt him on purpose and you'll learn the term overkill personally. We clear here?" Brie barked. "Okay then." He leapt back down. "We Dark-types understand each other."

    Ciel just stared. He had no clue what was being said there.

    Pala and... Ellie?

    Huh? Oh, she had eaten Thyme's tail. Oops. She made a bowing motion toward the Snivy. "I'm sorry... your tail led me here 'cause it smelled good. Sorry!" Pala was sincerely apologetic. She was too little for her brain to always work before her body. Suddenly that Swinub went barreling by and crashed "Are you okay Mister Swinub?" she asked quickly before he flipped back over.

    Oh? That Eevee was growling a lot. That must be the Sprinkles Bouncy mentioned. Oh wait she recognized him now. He was as loud as ever. "He's a bully," Pala decided. "Bark and no bite."

    Then the Swinub began to speak, adding onto what Duster must have said. She hadn't been paying attention really; Pala had smelled someone else arriving in place of that Arcanine. Gosh it was fluffy.

    A pink light floated around Sprinkles to lift the Eevee in the air as Ellie appeared on a tree branch. She leaped down to join them, smiling at Wilson. "Couldn't have said it better myself," she told the Pokemon with a nod. She looked up at Sprinkles. "Is there any reason I have to keep using Psychic on you? You'll give poor Bri a heart attack at eleven. And that's just not nice." She glanced back at Pala. "Skye needs you right now Pala. Go knock out the firebug okay?"

    "Okay!" Pala saluted and waddled off as quickly as her stubby legs could carry her.

    Ellie smiled lightly at Thyme. "Shall we go back to your trainer now?" She sat down and waited for an answer.

    Ash and Zaria

    Ash rolled her eyes. "Do you doubt my ability to protect you from harm if need be? And that man gave me no limits other than legality. And if that's really a big deal, it's more on the student's head for being dumb enough to ignore their own limits." She smiled impishly. "Oh and this is 113."

    "Don't go after the wires, just let Rotom help," Zaria commented, gesturing toward the orange Pokemon. It gave her a cheerful buzz, clearly bored out of its mind. She tilted her head toward Zara. Hmm... yeah I did... but I let her go too. I figured she'd have more fun like that." She didn't seem too concerned.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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