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Alice Crenshaw
Pokémon Center

Alice watched as, after her question, Roxas patted Jello, her purple Solosis. The Pokémon didn't trust him yet, but did nothing about the situation because he knew it would upset his beloved friend. Alice, unaware of what Jello thought, looked at the boy, thinking that maybe he was trying to avoid the subect. But these thoughts faded away when he said yes.

"Y-You will? Thank you, thank you so much!" she said with a huge smile on her face.

Jello then approached Alice. "Um, Alice, aren't you forgetting..." he said telepathically.

Alice looked at him a little bit confused. But then she realised. She hadn't healed Chuck yet. She was a little embarassed but still couldn't get the smile off her face. "Oh, I almost forgot!" she exclaimed, "I have to get Chuck healed up!"

Then he approached the desk where Nurse Joy was and handed over Chuck's Pokéball to her. "There." she said happily and returned to Roxas, "So, where were we?"
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