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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Oak Town

    when Ruby translated what Alexis had said, Daniel's cheeks darkened a little, glancing down at her, more to look away from Ruby as he mumbled out quietly

    “H-hey, Alexis, don’t embarrass me like that…”

    He shook his head a little, looking up at Ruby again with sheepish smile and still faintly coloured cheeks. “So, uhm… you need to go relax somewhere? I could use a bit of a break as well. A lot’s happened today. So, uh…”

    Daniel seemed to be looking at something else but then looked back at Ruby.

    “I’m… actually not that well-versed with the town or the island or anything. I just arrived yesterday, so, uh… if you want, Alexis and I could come along and relax with you? Not saying we’d have to, just… you know, if you’d want us to!”

    'i would like you guys to come along.' Ruby smiled at him as she said that very confidentally which was unusual for her.

    “Your trainer can understand us? That’s really cool! Where are you two from? Daniel and I are from Vermillion, in Kanto.” Alexis told Hikari.

    'Ruby and i come from Pallet Town, also in the Kanto Region.' Hikari smiled. 'hey, want to see something?' Hikari jumped into Ruby's red jacket and got her 4 badge boxes.

    'she got all the eight badges of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh!' Hikari opened them to show them. ofcourse Hikari wouldn't tell Alexis that Ruby got a black out after she won her last badge and that she can't remember how to battle anymore. though... in battles it always seemed like Ruby knew what she was doing, even though she was improvising everything.

    'so... where do you want to relax?' Ruby asked Daniel with a giggle as she quickly took back her four badge boxes from Hikari before Daniel could ask any questions.

    Roxas Jaden Asakura - Pokemon Center

    "Y-You will? Thank you, thank you so much!" she said with a huge smile on her face.

    Jello then approached Alice. "Um, Alice, aren't you forgetting..." he said telepathically.

    "Oh, I almost forgot!" she exclaimed, "I have to get Chuck healed up!" she said.

    Roxas had to laugh a little when he saw this happening, it was good to see someone happy again who was sad before.

    Then she approached the desk where Nurse Joy was and handed over Chuck's Pokéball to her. "There." she said happily and returned to Roxas, "So, where were we?"

    'you asked me if i wanted to train with you.' Roxas said with a gentle smile. 'so... how do you want me to train you?' Roxas asked her.

    Obilivio was watching this all, he saw how Jello didn't trust them yet and decided to change that. 'so... your trainer... has she always been like that in battles?' Lucario asked him in normal Pokemon language. he remembered how he was always training with an little girl, she had a Poochyena who was quite strong, back then he was a Riolu and was determined to help the girl whenever she needed it.

    somehow it made him a little sad that he had to leave that little girl behind when people tried to catch him, he had to fled to another area in the Kanto Region, and 6 years after he had evolved he met Roxas.
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