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    Originally Posted by Calvin21 View Post
    I like the idea, but the pokemon placement is horrible. Treeko in a cave and Swinub and Electabuzz is found in the grass Rustboro City.
    I have tried to use the pokemon placement of other pokemon games, but pokemon placements which a few people think does not make sense, i might change it if more people give feedback about the placements...

    To be honest i think if i would do what u asked me to do, i might end up making my hack just a copy of Expert emerald.. dont want that to happen... i will leave them as they r.. but might make minor adjustments in some future release... for now it has a very low priority..

    Edit on 27.5.2012 at 22.48: i only just realised how difficult the game is if you choose pichu as a starter... might to change the three starter pokemon in the next version..
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