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    "Huh? I thought you meant Quin... Hiya Ciel!" he said, flashing a smile at the older boy, before freezing and watching Rama straighten out the absol. He walked over and kneeled down next to him.

    "Oh, don't worry, Rama just likes to be mean. I'm Brian, what's your name?" he said with a smile. Then he looked at Ciel.

    "And it's good to see you Ciel. Where've you been?" he asked after a moment. He smiled a bit and stood back up, waiting for an answer from other the pokemon or his trainer.

    Thyme, Duster, and Sprinkles

    Sprinkles glared from Duster to Wilson to... To Ellie, then averted his gaze.

    "Right. Sorry." was his contrite response. He huffed and sat down to sulk a little bit. Thyme shrugged.

    "Why not Ellie. Seems like you have a way with Sprinkles over there. Is there something I'm missing?" Thyme said slowly. Duster's face lit up, but she sighed and shook her head when Sprinkles gave her a forlorn and slightly hurt look.

    "I'll tell you later Thyme!" she said resolutely. Thyme nodded, then looked around.

    "Wait... Where'd Bouncy go?" she said after a moment. The other two of Brian's pokemon that were around immediately began to look around, and Thyme muttered an angry swear to herself.

    "That brat is going to give ME a heart attack." she said with a slight hiss in her voice.


    Quin smirked and shrugged. "Honestly, Ms. Ashara, I think that you'd be more willing to sdit back and let me learn the hard way, unless it was really bad. So, no, I don't. In fact, there are no people currently in this world with the exception of my pokemon and Zaraneth that I trust." he said sincerely before closing his laptop and putting it in his bag and leaving the room. Ezar and Mai blinked, then dashed after him.

    "Mai mai mai!" Mai shouted, and he stopped to scoop the pokemon up with a sigh.

    "I wouldn't trust me." Zara mumbled in his mind, which he ignored completely.


    Drake sighed and returned Maris before she had even hit the ground. Damn! Why did she have to hit a critical right then! He sighed and sent out Killita, who crooned joyfully and took to the air.

    "Killita, Crunch." Drake said simply, not letting on how worried he was. This battle was coming to a close, and he was going to be the loser, because he already knew she would send out her Dragonite next. That's wehat he would do. Hell, that's what Asha and Lance would do in Valorie's shoes. Oh well. It was a fun little battle, and Killita seemed to be enjoying it. The dragon flew down towards Charizard, her fangs glowing with dark power and ready to slam shut onto Charizard's head.
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