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    "Sigh..." Kat rubbed her head. She was strangely exhausted. It is not like she did too much today. After class, she rested, met Kiyoko, left to the Power Plant, caught an Emolga, and came back. Uh... She might have done a bit today, but it was not like she met anyone new! Well... Nevermind. Either way, she just wanted to sit down on a cushion. She stood up and stretched. "Emol?" Kat smiled at Risu. "Come on guys. Let's rest inside of the warm Center." Royal hopped down to Kat's side while Risu glided onto her shoulder.

    Kat walked into the PokeCenter, and headed for a chair in the corner. Kat sighed again, and grabbed a book from her bag. (She is prepared for everything...) Risu and Royal headed off to explore the rest of the room. Risu noticed a Lucario and a Solosis. Risu flew over and stood a few feet away. "Hi! Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt!" He giggled and sat down. "Don't mind me..." Risu personally wanted to play, but also wants one of them to ask. Royal ended up dozing off in Kat's lap.
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