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okay,so i decided to make a new team from scratch. just by looking at this team, i can tell it needs some work, suggestions are, as always, more than welcome:

EVs- 252att/252spd/4hp
nature- jolly
item- focus sash
-stealth rock

to set up rocks, not used for much else. t-punch to deal with water pokes, u-turn for scout, explosion to get rid of it when i cant use it anymore.

EVs- 252sp.att/252spd/4hp
nature- timid
item- choice specs
-ice beam
-dark pulse

my hard hitter, timid lets it outspeed lots of pokes while specs increases power of moves. tri-attack for STAB, t-bolt/ice beam for coverage, daark pulse to get rid of ghost types.

EVs- 200hp/252def/56sp.def
nature- bold
item- rocky helmet
-ice beam

a more wall like guy, set up to take some hard hits. will replace with porygon2 if good replacement for porygonZ is suggested.

EVs- 252hp/100def/156sp.def
nature- careful
item- light clay
-stealth rock
-gyro ball
-light screen

a weird set i guess. stealth rock in case azelf dies before setting them up, dual screens to support sweepers, gyro ball to hit stuff.

EVs- 100hp/100def/100sp.att/100sp.def/108spd
nature- modest
item- wise glasses
-aura sphere
-nasty plot

another weird set, nasty plot for set up, softboiled to heal off damage, att moves for attacking. NOTE: not a sweeper.

nature- jolly
item- focus sash
-dragon claw
-dragon dance
-shadow claw

second sweeper. set up with DD, item to prevent OHKOs, D-claw for STAB, other 2 moves for coverage.

thats what i have as of now, within 4-8 replies ill post an updated lineup.

and im doing this in PO, so making any change isnt a problem.
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