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Originally Posted by -DeepImpact- View Post
Um, guys, it'd probably be better if you stopped discussing about a certain RP all the time, because honestly, a few of us aren't interested.
*bows* But still, this thread is for developing ideas so it's ok to talk about a certain RP from time to time I'd say. Within limits.

Originally Posted by WestsideConnection View Post
Is anyone interested in a Journey RP in a custom region? Just inquiring, the theme would be more traditional journey, yet still hold uniquities. (is that even a word, if not I made it up)[/SIZE][/FONT]
Nah. I like existing regions with a twist better. That way you'll be sure that there are places to go to, even though the roads and cities and other stuff might have changed.

If you are going to make a custom region, make sure to really plan it out before you post the RP though. Both places, people and game mechanics. Otherwise the players might feel lost after a while, I think. I worked for a long time with Arcanum before posting it.

Originally Posted by |Equinox| View Post
Do you normally like Roleplays that are totally different (as in crazily different, like an alternate world where things are opposite of what they are/a roleplay about dancing bears/anything that's totally random or impossible to happen) than others, or would you think that it's too weird and reject it? If it depends, then what do you like and what do you not like? Are there any guidelines, requirements or limits to what you like?
No, I normally like a bit more non-crazy RPs. :][/FONT]
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