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Ethan Haze - The College of Winterhold

"Center the energy to the palm of your hand, think only about protecting yourself," Ethan said aloud, reading a book about how to cast lesser wards. He pointed his hand to the sky, so that he wouldn't hurt any people if he failed. He raised his left hand to the sky and cast the spell. It failed, and in it's place fire existed. Ethan sighed, and stood on a wall nearby.

"You need help?" Said a tiny voice nearby. It was Navarre, a restoration specialist. He'd never actually talked to Navarre before, mainly because he felt ashamed that he's been at the college for fourteen years and hasn't learned a single restoration spell. That, paired with the fact that she was six years younger than him.

Avoiding eye contact, he answered in response,"No, I'll get it."

In response, Navarre moved to meet his eyes, and simply looked at them for a few minutes. She then moved away and said, "It's not about thought. Thought has no effect on your magic." She pointed her open palm at him. "Nor is it a matter of concentrating your energy to a single point like you do in the School of Destruction. Instead, you have to spread the energy to the entirety of your hand. With a few exceptions, you only ever need to spread energy to your hand or your entire body." She cast the spell and it worked.

Ethan tried to do as she said, and surely enough, out came the luminous white shield. Overjoyed, Ethan yelled in victorious fashion. He thanked her vigorously, and then returned to his quarters before she had any time to respond. All he needed to do now was learn Healing and he could finally set out for the Akatosh Hourglass.
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