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    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

    Misty left after the Johto series but came back during the Hoenn league for a while. Tracey left after the Orange Islands and is shown now and then when Ash rings Professor Oak. May left after Hoenn, and you're right, she appeared in a few episodes during the DP era. Max left with her but has yet to make an official return.

    They're left at Professor Oak's lab. fyi, it was a Totodile, not Feraligatr.

    Because if they aged Ash and Co, they'd have a 20 year old as the main protagonist. Ash being 10 is mainly for kids, if he was 20 it would just be weird imo.

    No one knows what happened to Seviper, Mime Jr. or Carnivine. (I only remember those 3 being with them, Dustox was released, Cacnea left with Gardenia). It's speculated that they're left at Rocket HQ. Or maybe James' Pokemon are sent to his grandparents' house.

    little hint, use the quick questions thread next time!
    Dawn is set to appear in BW2

    Most of ash's pokemon are still at Oak's with the exception of Charizard which is still in Characific Valley and Squirtle which is still with the squirtle squad.

    Ash will stay ten forever.

    Jessie and James left their old pokemon at Rocket HQ becuase they were not Pokémon native in the Unova region and thus would attract unwanted attention to the trio.