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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
My god I've been having the worse games lately since the new patch, my lag has gotten ridiculous and makes me feel like Im a bad player :( :(

Nothing special has happened with me lately, just been going pretty awful haha :S.

Also I wouldnt mind having some ranked matches, even Duo's would be fun!
I won my first ranked match actually, mostly because they didn't ban Kassadin and I got him, but still. :D

I haven't done too well when it comes to ranked though, seeing as if someone wants to play mid I have to be stuck with support, and even then I'm not doing so well. I'm getting pretty bored of Lux and I need some more mids which I could potentially be good at. I'm thinking someone who doesn't get banned all that often but still does well in the games like Ahri, Gragas, Karma or maybe Nidalee even. I'm not really that interested in nukes.
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