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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard
    Pokemon Center

    Lucia smirked as the Buizel was withdrawn and instead the Growlithe was sent out. Kane looked to be in the battling move and Samuel smirked back and narrowed his eyes at the fire-type. Once again George somehow managed to lay down another command without even speaking. Kane ran right at Samuel and slammed right into him. The Absol cried out as Lucia was already planning a conterattack. "Samuel, go with attack mechanic two again!" The Absol shakily got up and jabbed his scythe into the air once more. A moment of silence passed and a bolt of Thunder came hurtling down right at the Growlithe. Lucia snapped her fingers, "Samuel, prepare defense mechanic two!" The Absol grew tense once more as Lucia looked back at Kane. If another attack did hit Samuel, then the Absol was already weak enough at this point that pretty much anything could put him down. She would have to see how much the Thunder did and if Kane was still up she could possibly have Samuel shoot off another attack before he was taken out. The rain began to slowly move off to drizzling and then it stopped completely. Lucia gritted her teeth, now Thunder was capable of being missed! Still, she did have other attack in Samuel's arsenal.

    Lucia suddenly heard the sounds of battle and took a very quick glance and saw Jack and Kilik were also battling. Now two battles were going on, great. She turned away and kept her eyes on her own battle. She couldn't afford to be distracted by anything else.
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