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    I'm currently making an RP based on Ancient Johto, similar to Pokemon Conquest.
    There's one. Then the declined RPs will soon be accepted when they're fixed so that makes at least 5 new roleplays in the next few weeks. Oh and there's my new upcoming roleplay - Pokemon Reversal which has a very, very unique background and fun plotline. I'm sure the others are all planning on newer things as well. Summer's here, and things are getting active again. (:

    I've been thinking about making a Young Justice Rp. Or someone can do it! Cause i'm really not that good with the story or stuff, I'll join if they made it or Co-GM the rp with them.
    There's another one.

    Is anyone interested in a Journey RP in a custom region? Just inquiring, the theme would be more traditional journey, yet still hold uniquities. (is that even a word, if not I made it up)
    Maybe that one too.

    So.. currently writing the plot of the AWESOME RP I'm currently making. Expect to be up in atleast a week or so. And SD, you're hired! =3
    That one as well.

    Posted by Supervegeta: This post is to advertise for Hyrus, a Medieval RP set in an original world, GMed by myself and Raikiri. We are looking for devoted RPers to join in. Feel free to take a look, and sign up if you wish!
    That one's pretty new, and Supervegeta's Roleplays are all decent to me (:

    hmmm... I think I will stick with my current RP for awhile ;; I don't see a reason to make a new one, I'm already creating the KH RP I promised though, but I will submit this RP a little bit later, to make sure people have the time to join this RP and to make sure it won't die. I think it'll be submitted around july/september/august.
    Don't forget that one!

    My point is - You won't have to worry about having too few roleplays to participate in!

    Meanwhile... -dances like the guy in my siggy-