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Originally Posted by Geass20 View Post
PlatinumDude in the case of porygon its nature and item are meant to work together to make it faster and stronger than most other pokes.

with forretress i was using the dual screening thing really as filler, but turns out its been helping me alot, but i will mostlikely give it rapid spin, because hazards mess with this team too much

for the 2 mew sets, well the second is obivously sweeper mew. the first, while having good hp, wouldnt have the bulk to survive a hit from something insane like +3 bullet punch from scizor. ill try them out again, but im also messing with the EVs for its current set.

as for haxorous, well ive always hated outrage, for 2 reasons.
1- it confuses you after usage. 2- i never hit through confusion.
and shadow claw = filler, but outrage = no no. im thinking of some replacements. but youre right, i should add more hp to increase survival.
For Porygon-Z, that's true, but what if you're up against a very sturdy special wall? Trick is up for consideration for the reason I said: to cripple defensive Pokemon by locking them into a single move by taking their Leftovers and replacing it with Porygon-Z's Choice item.

If you really don't like the confusion that Outrage induces, then use a Lum Berry. It really, really helps. You can also have both Outrage and Dragon Claw together on the same set; the former can be used for tearing massive holes into the opponent's HP while the latter can be used as a safe, reliable STAB when you feel that the power of Outrage would be overkill against frailer Pokemon. Dragon and Ground have good coverage together, but that still leaves you a bit vulnerable to Ferrothorn, as explained below.