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Originally Posted by Sayan View Post
I just noticed that you had Stealth Rocks on both Azelf and Forry. That's a big no. Azelf is for balanced or hyper-offensive teams that need rocks up as soon as possible to net KOs while Forretress is for more defensive teams. Forretress is also not that good as an only steel type in a team as repeated outrages and stuff can dent it badly, and it also lacks recovery. You can switch Azelf for another steel type like Jirachi. You can use Trick scarf Jirachi over Azelf and switch PoryZ for Pory2 if you want. It gives you a secondary steel type and also a resistance to flying attacks for things that spam Hurricane or Brave Bird.
I second this. How could have I missed that on my last posts?

Anyway, here's what an ideal Jirachi set would look:
-Thunder Wave/Body Slam
-Iron Head
-Protect/Fire Punch/Stealth Rock
Nature: Careful
EVs: 252 HP/224 SDef/32 Spe
Item: Leftovers