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    Okay, so while I should have been working, at, I was trying to figure out what 17 Pokemon I would use for solo runs; one for each type. And while I was trying to decide on nicknames, I decided to give them all names from the Harry Potter series (excluding Harry, Ron, and Hermione; I thought it was too cliche). And even though I'm like halfway through SS now, Ralph has now officially been renamed Tom Riddle. XD

    And now, a continuation:
    • Defeated Claire for the 8th badge (forgot to take a picture). After she threw a fit and stormed off, I went to the Dragon’s Den and convinced them I deserved the badge.
    • Went to the Whirl Islands and caught Lugia with the Master Ball, then boxed him.
    • Flew to New Bark and crossed the waters, entering Kanto and progressed through Victory Road grabbing Earthquake and beating the crap out of my rival.
    • Went to the marts to receive “gifts” from my mother, but was pleased when she sent me a Choice Scarf.


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