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Danielle Accola & Megan Sandoval
Outside Pokemon Center

“I think my Bayleef wants to be friends with your Mienfoo. So sweet of her.” Megan told Danielle. Mimi started talking to Mienfoo and Ozzy, sitting next to her.

Danielle smiled at the cheerful Bayleef. “Indeed she does! Don't worry, my Mienfoo and my Pachirisu don't bite. They're quite friendly.”

Megan then turned to the two battles going on. “Are those kids your friends? They seem like pretty good battlers from what I'm seeing.” She eyed on Lucia, then to Kilik and Jack on the other side.

“Yeah...we all met just today. I'm new here.” Danielle replied, as Ozzy climbed up on top of her lap. “I haven't been here long, and I've done a ton. I met a few friends, battled, caught this little fella right here...” She paused and hugged Ozzy tight. “And well, I'm just being a witness to these battles right in front of me.”

“It seemed like they left you alone.” Megan said.

“Nah, I'm used to it. That's how it was in my old school. I did the same thing. I was always competitive back there. To me, battling comes first than anything.” Danielle felt that she has warmed up to Megan a lot more. She seemed nice, caring, and very beautiful. “So, I don't see you with an Academy jacket. Are you a student?”

Megan giggled a bit. “Oh, nooo. I'm a teacher. A brand new teacher per-se. I'm going to be teaching the Specialization of Bug and Grass Type Pokemon.”

Danielle gasped when she heard Bug and Grass Type Specialization. She got excited. “Oh my god! Then... then...” She takes out her schedule and checks her first class. “I have you as my first class tomorrow! You're...Miss Sandoval!”

“That's right!” Megan smiled. “I'm surprised to meet one of my own students, even though I haven't started teaching yet!”

“It's incredible!” Danielle exclaimed, continuously hugging Ozzy. Mienfoo was still interacting with Mimi in the meantime. “I'm from Celadon City in Kanto. I grew up with grass-type Pokemon. I lived near the Celadon Gym! I mean, I have a strong affection towards grass and bug types.”

“Well I grew up with grass-types as well.” Megan replied, “but I'm from Unova, actually. I have two grass-types and a bug-type. I'm hoping soon, I'd go hunt for more grass-types to add to my collection.”

Danielle started to sense that her own teacher, Megan, have so much in common with each other. Even though they just met. It was incredible to see that they share the same interest in Pokemon. The attention was focused back on Mienfoo and Mimi, who were still interacting with each other. They smiled, laughed and played along. Megan was happy to see Mimi making friends with a Pokemon of a different type. Danielle thought of the same, it was something he needed to work with Ozzy.

“Hey, listen...” Megan started to speak, “ Bayleef, needs more experience in battling. So, I'm wondering if you could help me train her a bit and get her used to battling again...if that's alright with you and your Pokemon...”

Mienfoo jumped up when he heard the word “battle”. “Mien Mien!”

“Is your Bayleef afraid to battle?” Danielle asked

“The problem is...she hasn't battled ever since I entered Pokemon Trainer School. So, since then, she's scared to even touch the battlefield.”

Danielle got up off the bench and faced Megan. “Well, Miss Sandoval, I accept your favor -slash- challenge! My Mienfoo will battle your Bayleef!”

“Baaaaay....” Mimi didn't like the sound of Danielle at all.

“Pachi Pachiii!” Ozzy cheered while being held by Danielle.

“Thank I apologize,” Megan murmured. “I didn't get your name.”

“I'm Danielle. Danielle Accola.”

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