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Though I don't follow the anime much anymore, I'm definitely psyched, and I'm definitely gonna watch it. I expect her to be a pretty tough battle, though I'm guessing it's not an official gym battle, since B/W and B2/W2 take places in 2 different points in time, and I'm guessing the anime follows B/W. There's also a chance that they're just mixing the two together, by for example making the Kyurem fusions and the freezing of Unova part of the plot, though that's still be weird with the characters like Elesa, who has gotten an entirely new look.

I think the reason that people lost interest in Homika, was basically due to high interest were at the time, and because of how everyone and their mother began using her in themes and stuff, and since new characters have been shown since then, people seems to have went to those instead :p