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    [Ulrich Gondyctor, West Weald, Cyrodiil

    Ulrich awoke from his slumber, not remembering what day it was. Ulrich stood up, and recollected himself. Looking out from his cave, he was asleep for only a few hours. Ulrich stood up, and began walking. Ulrich could see the city of Skingrad from here, and Ulrich decided that would be he destination. Ulrich covered his face with his hood, and began walking to Cyrodiil. Ulrich knew he would have to watch himself as he was in enemy territory and he was only lightly armed and without a guard squad. Ulrich marched down towards Skingrad, watching every step for Imperial guards. Ulrich eventually found the gold road, and turned on it towards the City of Skingrad. Ulrich walked quietly down the road, trying to keep his presence unassuming and low-key. Within time, Ulrich reached Skingrad. The place was crawling with city guards, but not many soldiers. The guards were focused on the Inn, where a guard laid dead and another injured. Ulrich stepped into the shadows, keeping an eye on the situations. Ulrich waited until the Priestess of Arkay took the dead body, and the injured guard hobbled towards the guard house. Slowly, the crowd turned their attention from the Inn, which is when Ulrich slipped inside.
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