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Hi again! I haven't been able to work on this much until today for various reasons, including graduation from College. But that's over and done with now, so all is now good for me to be working on this and hopefully finish it! I'll update the first post with new info soon, as I've figured out a bit more about .SSB files. This is getting interesting. Interesting enough to give a few examples.

Example 1: A simple message from your partner, depending on type.
0092 0004 0000 0000 -- load Pokepic and speaker '4' ("4" refers to your partner character)
009A 003A           -- Checks the partner's type (Only 3 types are known)
    005A 0001 0001  -- If the partner is of type 1, display message 1
    005A 0002 0002  -- if the partner is of type 2, display message 2
    0061 0003       -- if the partner is of any other type, display message 3
Example 2
0092 0004 0000 0000 -- load Pokepic and speaker '4' ("4" refers to your partner.)
0099 0039           -- Checks the player's gender
    005A 0004 0027  -- If the gender is male (4) then display message 0x27
    0061 0028       -- Otherwise, display message 0x28
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