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Originally Posted by Obix View Post
Riansky: Thanks i appreciate the notes, now this one is route 01 of my game

Nickalooose: I like that map (I noticed its for ds should i be making a ds rom hack or a gba whats more popular?) otherwise i really like the map

Nintendork15: It looks good reminds me of the old games haha
WHy thank you, it's suppose to, since it's Pallet Town.
As for your map, it's very big and rather empty, I could easily get through there with only a 0.05% of getting a wild battle, When making a map don't be afraid to make some maps small, sometimes it's better and makes more of a challenge because of the grass, and the ledges that are placed look pretty pointless since they're not really in the way, i can walk past them and continue going to the next town easily.
Also, the overall shap of the route, is a bit to blockish in my opinion.
But hey! That's just me. Overall, good job.