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Originally Posted by Haru~ View Post
It seems that I've found a "loop" command for those animation codes.
Use: FD FF XX XX ; where XX XX is the number of times the animation will loop (In little endian, of course).
Though it seems to have a limit, the value can only reach ~FDFD times. (From my testing, FFFF crashes the game.)

Note: It repeats the code from the beginning up to the last code before the loop and when the limit is reached, it will proceed to the next code, if any.
Oh, when you do the code like this:
00 00 09 00 01 00 09 00 FD FF 01 00 FD FF 01 00 FF FF 00 00
'From frame 1 to frame 2 and the animation repeats over and over to no end...
It seems to loop infinitely with no adverse effects at all.
That means, B/W-style pokemon is indeed possible.

I've tested all this with trainer animations and it works perfectly.
I ought to share it here because I'm quite sure that this can also apply
to pokemon animations. But then I could be wrong...

I might post a video sometime.
For curiosity's sake, I tried the code, and followed the instructions on the first post.
I used a Ruby ROM (obviously).
It did have animations, but the battle won't load.
I mean, during a wild battle, my trainer won't send out his PKMN to battle the animated enemy PKMN. =/
My guess is that it'll also be the same on trainer battles.

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