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Originally Posted by tan View Post
A Idea For:

In-game clues

For clues make a detective who give clues where you need to go until you finish the game.
There are clues inside this game, but they only appear when they should.

Originally Posted by Dylanrockin View Post
Ok I found a problem if it is one, at the beginning of the game when you go and fight Barry for your first time, a message appears saying "you used cheats, play nice," and I know for a fact I did not use cheats.
That's weard dylan. This script only appears once you talk to barry himself. With other words when there has been used a walktrough walk cheat.

Originally Posted by sako View Post
Hey mitchel i just finished the latest alpha and i found this... i dunno if it is a bug or a glitch... i just walked towards the tree and th character jumped asthough it was a ledge.....
Thanks for reporting sako, this will get taken care off.


Anyhow I've a new update today for you folks! Easy and short, A new story part from the new upcomming summer release of dark cry.

Kymotonian and PL: Bridge tile

Pokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina ©: A new brilliant team rocket scene!

That's all people, I hope you liked it!
Yours faithfully,