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    Chapter 4 – Preserias – God District

    "Get her attention. Make her interested in who you are. A good chance would be at the interview. She would have to watch."

    "This light hardly sounds effective in a competition that is often decided in combat, rather than a test of survival. I am not stupid enough to remain oblivious to the fact that Gods find this whole escapade entertaining and have constructed this whole thing as a means of keeping themselves distracted from their ideal lives for a few days. They want us to fight. They want us to die in glorious combat to satisfy their desire for blood and gore,"

    The angel sighed, and ran a hand through his hair.

    "The games aren't just about combat. During the second season, a lone human girl won by hiding out and waiting until the very end. That was a very bloody game, and she managed to get out with a few cuts and a concussion. If she can do it without magic, you certainly can with light magic." At least he was attempting to cheer Daiki up. If he was a demon or vampire, he probably wouldn't... Say 'suck it up' and then push him into the arena, more like it.

    "It isn't just that. I would hate to get into politics here, but that is where it's leading."

    His fingers tapped on the leather armrests, and smoothed over thoughtfully.

    "There are three reasons to the Population Games. One, for entertainment. The government likes keeping the citizens of their district under a reality that nothing can hurt them unless they ask for it. They use the Games as a subtle reminder of what happens if you go against them and their views. The citizens happily obey, and smash on their makeup."

    That was one reason why he was happy to be an adult in the angel realm. At least he wasn't surrounded by clowns and superheros.

    "The second reason, is that they don't want the population of humans, angels, demons, and vampires to become a challenge. They respect the resources they have, and don't wish to waste it on lower beings. The Games not only kills at least twenty teenagers, but causes many women to not want to have babies. They don't want to give birth to a child that may be killed before their very eyes."

    Before uttering the final reason, Preserias glanced around the room casually, and watched Daiki from his chair. "The third reason, is that they do not want a rebellion. The Games scare the weak, and those who may pose to be a problem in the future as adults are sent to be slaughtered or become servants."

    He caught a laugh in his throat, and leaned back his head. That was basically how the world worked now. The High Gods had their power with these games.

    "I suggest not telling Bernkastel you got into a 'tussle with the Devil'. She'll take you seriously."

    "With such opponents commanding powers and abilities far greater than my own, I pose you this question: What chance do I really have?"

    "To be completely honest, I can't say, Daiki. I have not seen you perform, and have only heard your modest words describing talent." He pulled out a slim electronic device, and started it up. It was silver, and fit in the palm of his hand perfectly. A hologram hovered just above, and he shifted his fingers through the controls. This was high technology that not even noble families could obtain. Everyone in the God District had one, of course. And a few high officials in the other districts. Being an angel and owning one was like a badge of authority. He read the text on the screen quietly to himself.

    "Well, factoring everything, and saying that you do not get any sort of alliance with a supernatural... About a 10% survival rate. If you got an alliance with Bernkastel, then it would be 29% survival rate. If she happens to like you in particular and you stay with her through most of the games, then 48%. Bernkastel will protect whoever she can. Sometimes that bites her later on, but she doesn't mind."

    Chapter 4 – Raum - God District

    "I don't know, actually. I suppose it's because she can't be in the drawings for the Population Games if she lived her? It's always a big show when she's in the God's district, though~!"

    He smiled at Kerin, and looked off through the other window. Though, he had but a moment's look before his view was obstructed by a harsh wall of concrete. He blinked, and sat back in his seat with the parasol on his lap. They appeared to be in a tunnel of some kind, because everything had gone dark. Suddenly, they were stopped and the servants hopped out on cue. Not a minute later, two new servants returned; both girls in sleek business-like black jackets and dress pants. Defining them as servants were the thin bands of silver on their wrists. All servants, even the ones back in the Training Arena, seemed to have them. A symbol of a flower inside a triangle pressed white neatly into their chest like a badge.

    Raum was not surprised. It was a usual thing to happen, so he didn't bother explaining it to Kerin. He didn't know these two servants either, so that didn't help. The started back up, and drove off again in the same direction they had been heading in. A minute later, they stopped yet again and the driver window was rolled down. There were lights, so they were able to see their surroundings for once. It was like those police checks on the streets of the vampire district. Black-outfitted officers hung along the walls quietly, while another spoke with the woman servant in the car. Up ahead, was a blank wall of nothingness. A dead end.

    "Four passengers, sir. Two servants of FL rank, owner number 237 Raum Omairus, and his assigned Population Games participant of this year, Kerin Knight from the Vampire District... Approximately four-hour visiting period." She spoke like a drone. Like she had said the basic thing a million times before.

    The officer backed off upon confirmation, and signalled to someone whom was apparently on the ceiling. "Clear for entry,"

    Before them, the wall groaned lightly with effort. A sliver of light came out from underneath, which quickly widened like the gasping mouth of God himself. As soon as the clearance was high enough, the car gained momentum, and flew forward out of the tunnel.

    Once Raum's eyes adjusted to the light, he looked out the window calmly. He had seen the place so many times, he didn't have the same excitement as he had the first three hundred times. Yet, he still couldn't help but smile.

    They were in what could only be described as a classic stadium dome. A city grew inside like a private paradise situated a part from the outside world. There were no signs of oppressive behavior, or the waiting Population Games.

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