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    First Kraken character?
    I'm thinking yes my friends!

    Name (first, middle, last): Artemis Von Straton

    Nickname: Prometheus

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Youkai: Kraken


    Human: In his human form Artemis is a normal 16 year old boy, except he has extremely pale and seemingly slippery, silvery skin. Artemis usually wears long tattered jeans and a plain white top. On top of the top he wears a black leather jacket. His eyes are never one colour at a time and they always appear to be changing due to the light in the room he is in.

    In the darkness Artemis seems to radiate light, but that is because of his nature as a Kraken showing through his disguise.

    Artemis has a thick head of crisp blue hair, dropping just at the top of his eyebrows and the bottom of his neck around the back. His legs always appear to be fidgeting, as if they have a life of their own and he always seems to look wet, often having drips of water falling off of him. Artemis has bright blue eyes that always seem to look either sad. However his eyes are enthralling and when he wasn't fleeing from human civilization he had one or two women falling for him simply because the vivid ocean colour of his eyes and hair.

    Artemis has a finely toned body, with a fairly ripped, very pale six pack and moderately well sized abs, his biceps are small but his leg muscles are hulking, useful for swimming with, his physique is something to be desired by even the fittest men.

    Youkai: In his Youkai form, Artemis looks like something out of a nightmare. His skin and tentacles are all a silver-white colour and seem to look near-transparent. His jaw grows in size and his teeth become as sharp as a shark's, he uses them to fight or to feed in the wild. His skin seems to take a smooth leathery feel like how a diving suit feels like, this makes him more watertight. His skin is also handy for protection, as it can make him harder to stab or shoot, although not impervious to damage. Artemis also grows gills out of the side of his neck, these make for breathing underwater much easier, although they can be weak spots if they are shot or stabbed.

    When Artemis is in his Youkai form he can usually travel through water as fast as some of the best motorboats and jet-ski's on the market, meaning that when it comes to travelling underwater he can do it with ease. Another thing that this can help him with is that when he is on land and not able to swim, this speed gives him heightened senses, so if someone is swinging a punch at him, he can a lot of the time quickly raise one of his tentacles to intercept the blow then incapacitate them with another tentacle.

    Personality: Artemis is a lost soul. The fiery temper that is hidden within Artemis is usually masked by his sadness and disorganised thinking. His true nature of being a cocky warrior hidden underneath the quiet persona that he entertains himself by keeping. When people talk to Artemis he rarely replies, maybe even sometimes tries to scare them off, because Artemis has never been shown any kindness. Artemis had never had anyone do him any favours apart from Kiba Ray Hiroshi, and that was only once. Artemis did not understand the reason why he was brought to the school, but seeing as he had not much else to do, he came.

    Artemis feels as if the world hates him and it is looking down on him with disgust. Artemis shows no love to anyone, he has never had a friend, he has never had a lover, he has never had any family. He has never not been alone.

    History: When Artemis was born, his parents were disgusted and upset that they could not give birth to a regular child. They dumped Artemis in the River Thames as a baby, but the clever child swam away, as he felt at home in the Ocean currents. Artemis travelled from country to country, living the life on small exotic islands and underwater caves. Until one day on his travels he was caught in a net from a big time shrimp business. Seeing that they had caught something completely odd, Artemis realised that he could very well be the only one of his kind, and began to piece together all the horrors that the humans could do to him. Using his tentacles, he ripped open the net and swam free, but since that moment people have hunted for him, desperate to find him so as they could gain the fame and riches that would come with the discovery.

    After years in hiding, Artemis found himself on the stormy coasts of Scotland, in one of the most treacherous parts of the ocean, it was cold and he hated it, but he was safe from the humans. When he needed food he would go and eat the seaweed or the fish, which would sustain his hunger, but when he didn't he would stay up in the cave, avoiding the constant freezing weather and the lick of the waves as they drove themselves deep into the heart of the rock. It was one of these cold winter days that Kiba Ray Hiroshi found him. Artemis had prepared for a fight, but something seemed to stop him, a voice in the back of his head. Kiba Ray told Artemis of the school, and that he was not alone among his kind, even if he felt like it. Artemis, not understanding this notion, originally decided that he would not go. But Kiba Ray told him he had no choice, and that the human fishermen had already tracked his location all the way to this point, using technology unknown to Artemis. Within hours, they were on their way to the academy.

    On the way there, Ray taught Artemis a few important things, such as how to hide yourself in a human form, which Artemis thought would have come in handy a long long time ago. Ray gave Artemis some brand new clothes, they all seemed to fit him perfectly, and to Artemis' happiness, told him that there was a swimming pool at the facility he was being taken to.

    It seemed too sweet for Artemis. He didn't know he'd have to communicate with people and share these gifts.

    Dorm: Dorm B

    I hope you guys like him
    Mother superior,
    Come catch the rabbit, he runs.
    My how've you grown?
    You're frightened of leaving
    This truly gone fishing amalgam,
    Go fetch your gun.
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