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    Abnegation- Lovely! The only thing that sticks out to me is that very decline, so I'm glad you mentioned it. And personally, I like the grass tiles. If I had another critique though, I'd ask about the water. Geographically speaking, how does it form like that? It's quite aesthetic, but are they puddles, or rivers, or.... I'm not sure. XD

    Obix- Town: It's a good start, but to me it feels like it lacks purpose. Imagine if you were the original founder of the town- how would you want it to be laid out? Or, if it was something that developed over time, imagine the history. Who settled that area first, which house is theirs, and how did the city and area grow? I think you can do much better.
    Route 1: It's a box. :c Nature does not form in boxes! Round out the edges a bit, and then fill in the extra spaces with other plants, rocks, etc. Also, your ledges... aren't doing anything. The space you leave lets the player walk around them anyway. Again, I don't feel much purpose. How did this route form geographically? What obstacles will it present to the player?

    Nintendork- I'll comment on both of yours at once. I have much less to say here since the area design isn't your own, though... The thing that bothers me the most is the overlap of the trees. The way they connect looks really awkward to me. The buildings also stand out, but I'm against 3d graphics in 2d environments anyway, so meh. Just my bias, perhaps.

    Nickaloose- Ooh, so a Kanto sequel? Interesting. The roof of the blue houses looks awkward to me, but I like the rest of it. I think you have a really nice mash-up of recognizably old features and yet new development. Particularly the buildings, and- that pond where the ledges used to be, right? I don't remember that... The other stand-out to me is your cliff tiles. The edges seem rather repetitive. Maybe make some variations?

    And now... My turn.
    This is a topic for maps, right? Do they have to be in game ones?
    If not, how about... a hand-drawn region map?
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