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    Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
    Nintendork- I'll comment on both of yours at once. I have much less to say here since the area design isn't your own, though... The thing that bothers me the most is the overlap of the trees. The way they connect looks really awkward to me. The buildings also stand out, but I'm against 3d graphics in 2d environments anyway, so meh. Just my bias, perhaps.
    With the designs I tried to stay on the path of Kanto, but I tried to make it seem more natural, by having less blocky paths than the previous appearences of Kanto.
    The overlapping trees don't seem to bug me, it's pretty much how it is in the games. I'm trying to add a 3d script to the game i'm doing so the building thing won't be a problem.

    here's another map though:

    That bottom of the map is a bit cut off. Dx