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    Starting the SU a little. I'll probably finish it tomorrow.

    Name (first, middle, last): April Ocean

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Youkai: Mermaid

    Appearence: April has a light, rosy pink as her hair color. With a slight hint of white coloring at her bangs, and also the whole top of her small, double, pony tail. April has thin, sweet, flowing hair that only goes up to around the bottom of her shoulders. And her layered bangs right above her eye's, some thicker pieces lay on them to. Her eye's are a light, beautiful color, matching well with her tanned, ocean skin. Her lip's make up the color a little darker than Baby Pink, and aren't to fat or to thin. Matching perfectly with her silky hair. April wears a red and white, turtle neck mini dress, which has a red top and white bottom. The cute, little dress has a thick black border, layering out the dress. It has two red dots on each side of the dress, a little under the red top bit. The white background with the dots has a black, curved line with a sort of black Rectangle shape hanging from it. The belt she wears near the bottom of her mini dress, is white, with two big black ribbons at each side. April's dress has a long side at the back, sort of making it like a red ocean dress. Her cape like skirt is only at the back of her dress and is plain. This cape like skirt is attacked by a big, red ribbon at the back of April's back.


    Personality: (at least one paragraph)

    History: (at least one paragraph)

    Dorm: A

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