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I'm gonna make a second character, here's the start of my sign up.

Name : Raphael Leo Michelangelo

Nickname: Raph

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Youkai: Yasha

Appearance: Raphael has dark brown skin, and icy blue eyes, his third eye on his forehead is the same color and is hidden by his black hair. Because he looks mostly human he doesn't have different forms and on windy days he will wear a dark grey fedora. He wears a black tank top with a dark grey suit jacket. He wears black dress pants and black dress shoes. His nose is pierced with a small silver ball on the right side of it. He is a little tall for his age standing at 6 feet exactly and weighs about 135 lbs, he is very muscular due to his constant working out.

Personality: Raphael is extremely kind to others and will do his best to stop from getting into fights, but that doesn't mean he won't defend his friends, though if faced with a choice he will use Martial Arts in a situation like a school yard fight, and save his Chinese coins and summoning seals for fights against a dangerous enemy outside of school. Raphael has his name suggests is a talented artist, having been named after not one, but three of the humans greatest artists. He isn't stuck up or and doesn't brag about his talents as an artist, if he did that would be mean, and mean is one thing he isn't. Another thing about Raphael is that he is very careful about what he eats and drinks, he'll have the occasional coffee but mainly drinks water and juice, never touching soda. He's a strong vegan not believing in the killing of animals or eating things like milk or eggs. He also works out a lot, lifting weights before bed and jogging in the early mornings.

History: Raphael was born in the northeastern part of the united states, specifically New York City. His mother was had lost her memory and died shortly after having him. Before her death however she told the doctors at the hospital the only thing she remembered, that she wanted to name the baby boy after three of her favorite artists, thus the name Raphael for the Italian painter, Leo for Leonardo Da Vinci as his middle name, and Michelangelo for the creator of the Medici Chapel in Italy. The three great masters of the High Renaissance period of history. After his mother died one of the doctors saw Raphael's third eye on his forehead and covered it immedietly for the doctor was also a Yasha living in human disguise. The doctor named Bolin Xiāo adopted Raphael right away but didn't change his name. As Raphael grew up he was taught how to interact with humans, he learned Martial Arts and developed his skills as an artist. He was told about his mother what little was known about her and Bolin and Raphael came to the conclusion that a Yasha had fallen in love with his mother. After he turned 16 the two made the decision that it was best for Raphael to go to the Youkai academy to finish his education, to learn the things Bolin could not teach him, but also because unknown to Raphael the FairyTale had been seen in the area by other hidden Youkai, Bolin could handle himself, but Raphael needed to be safe.

Dorm: B

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