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Originally Posted by dyenguard View Post
Yes, RNC clones, as well as Mac of York (I believe)

Here are the details:

registeel/Clear body/ lvl 40


Metal claw, curse, superpower, ancientpower

Attack: 73
Def: 130
SpA: 66
SpD: 125
SpD: 42

regirock/Clear body/ lvl 40


Rock throw, superpower, curse, ancientpower

attack: 95
Def: 167
SpA: 50
SpD: 91
SpD: 41


Extransensory, hydro pump, Aeroblast

Attack: 96
Def: 129
SpA: 81
SpD: 152
SpD: 111
:D They just sound so awesome. And I will message RNC about cloning my Axew, and once it's done, I shall VM you to negotiate trade times :D