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    Welcome to the First (Annual?) Writing Blitz!

    What's a writing blitz?
    It's a very relaxed writing competition that runs for an entire month. Anyone can join, with any writing goal, with any writing project.

    To explain further, unlike National Novel Writing Month, participants don't have a set word goal to reach. The only goal is the one that you make for yourself. You'll have an entire month to work on this goal. It doesn't have to be a word goal either. You can say that you'll want to complete a certain amount of chapters, or write a few short stories. Whatever you want to do, that's fine.

    What do you get by participating? A group of writers cheering each other on. There's still going to be a competitive spirit, and everyone can share their experiences, questions, answers, and tips with each other. And, of course, you get to make progress on your story!


    It really wouldn't be fair for someone to have a really easy goal and plenty of time to do it in compared to someone else who set a difficult goal and little time to do it in.

    (Example: I wouldn't pick writing three short stories for my goal, because I know that would only take me a half-hour. I would pick writing six chapters because I know that would take me nearly a month to write.)

    Participants have from June 1 to July 1 to complete their goal.

    How do you sign up?
    Just leave a post in this thread with your name and goal. That's it.

    There will be a separate thread for everyone to share how they're doing. This thread is just for sign-ups.

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