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    Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
    Nickaloose- Ooh, so a Kanto sequel? Interesting. The roof of the blue houses looks awkward to me, but I like the rest of it. I think you have a really nice mash-up of recognizably old features and yet new development. Particularly the buildings, and- that pond where the ledges used to be, right? I don't remember that... The other stand-out to me is your cliff tiles. The edges seem rather repetitive. Maybe make some variations?

    And now... My turn.
    This is a topic for maps, right? Do they have to be in game ones?
    If not, how about... a hand-drawn region map?
    Yeah, it's what happened after the red era, after Team Rocket has been and gone, the 2 buildings at the bottom are only "half" built, they get fully constructed during game play, thus to make the illusion the region is still being built, and the smaller trees to show they've been growing a few years, but not a long enough time to be large... What looks awkward about the rooves? I'm trying to keep the game familiar with a few extra fundamentals to give a totally new experience, that's the plan anyway... Nope that pond is new ;), also, as it is as shallow as you'd think, bein a new addiyion and all, this is unsurfable ;), SURF works differently in my game... I know the mountains have a repetetive look, at the moment, I have a lot of other graphical things to work on, before I fumble onto minor edits, I have however frew a lot of tiles myself, wether they are small or large edit's, I hope they are not fully recognisable to you guys so you get a nice original feel.

    Is thar drawing going to be your region or?

    Originally Posted by Obix View Post
    Riansky: Thanks i appreciate the notes, now this one is route 01 of my game

    Nickalooose: I like that map (I noticed its for ds should i be making a ds rom hack or a gba whats more popular?) otherwise i really like the map
    I agree with Nintendork, bit big and open, the areas seem blocky and the ledges are almost pointless, it's a good idea, I think it needs more obstacles, but I like foliage and this may not be your style, and how you've designed, is... I do however think, this size of route should be more of a route 02 kind of thing, Route 01 is almost straight forward, although saying that, this is straight forward, I'm kind of confusing myself and I hope you get the point I'm trying to make.


    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    With the designs I tried to stay on the path of Kanto, but I tried to make it seem more natural, by having less blocky paths than the previous appearences of Kanto.
    The overlapping trees don't seem to bug me, it's pretty much how it is in the games. I'm trying to add a 3d script to the game i'm doing so the building thing won't be a problem.

    here's another map though:

    That bottom of the map is a bit cut off. Dx
    The trees up the top over lap wrong... I like the new look to Viridian City... It may be my eyes right now, but the path almost looks like it's above everything else, noticable by the 2 signs in the middle and the grass under, by the PokéCenter... I like how you haven't over used trees by the water, +1 for that, +1 for trees around the PokéCenter, I can't stress enough on how so many people are scared for putting trees inside a town or city... +1 for new location of the gym, whether it's only moved a few tiles or not... +1 on the water area, looks nice... I don't like the fence that goes over the path near the top... And the fence that looks like a backwards C, looks well strange, like it finishes before it was finished... I don't like lamposts but this isn't a problem... I like foliage, but there are too many flowers by the PokéMart for my liking... I also think you should draw some different signs as those ones are used alot here and I feel I'd need a change from important signs to less important ones (Important: area name... Less important: someones house).

    Overall, I like it haha