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    Originally Posted by Obix View Post

    Okay I've taken what you guys and gals have said this is what i got out of it took me like 30 mins just a rough sketch how is this one

    Some of you might think ive over done it with the flowers but im thinking more wildflowers if i went out in my back yard in the woods there would be different and many kind of them but i live in Texas but again opinions please this is the only thing holding me back on my project is map editing scripting pretty easy but im still learning
    Much better, although, you've used the wrong trees, the top parts of the tree have a bottom part of another tree, find the other tree that doesn't have that... Otherwise, good map... The flowers are fine how they are, I like that those bunched flowers are together and the rest are spread out.

    EDIT: The sand needs grass all around, you're missing a bit at the top