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    (Felix Veturius - A few miles east of Bruma)

    The young imperial mage's feet were getting weary. Several hours must have passed since his encounter with the ogre, and he could swear he had been going in circles right now. Everything seemed the same to him. He just tried to keep track of the trees he noticed along the way in the hope to find his bearings again. "Well hello there, tree with funny-looking moss," Felix greeted the tree like an old friend. Yes, there was no doubt to it that he'd been going around in circles right now. He tried to think in what direction he went the first time he had passed the peculiar looking pine tree. Okay, so I went left here, then I guess I should go right now. He made his decision and took a turn to the right, in the back of his head, the worries were rising that he was indeed utterly lost. He looked up to see how much sunlight was left. Practically none was left for him. If only he could find some sign of civilisation though.

    It was getting cold, much colder than he'd expect county Cheydinhal to be and he was still trying to find his bearings in this damn pine forest. He noticed a small clearing and a mound in the forest. He ran towards it, hoping he could find something from there. Once up there, he could see something just over the tree tops. There he saw the thick sombre snow-covered city walls. Cold, dark, and black brazier smoke arising high into the sky. The city of Bruma. "Cheydinhal! There it is! I found it!" Felix screamed with joy. He couldn't wait to get the taste of some good wine between his lips. He hurried off the mound, keeping in mind the direction in which he had seen the settlement. He wrapped his robe around himself to keep himself protected from the strangely harsh cold. Was cheydinhal this cold? He had no idea, it was rather far up north though.
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